Secrets to Selling Your House Within 2 Days by Following These Open House Tips


Are you planning to sell your house? However, confusion overpowers your mind. Need not worry! We are here to bring clarity to your thoughts by introducing the concept of the open house. Hosting an open house is one of the best ways to sell your house within a short period. Before jumping to the strategies, let us understand what an open house is.

What is an open house?

When it comes to real estate, an open house is nothing but an opportunity to buy and sell the house via gatherings. The hosts organize the open house event where potential buyers are invited. The buyers take a look at the property and if they like it then it’s a win-win situation for the seller.

What makes an open house special?

Open house unlike private meetings provides better exposure to your property. A maximum number of people can take a look at your property within a minimum time and It will save a lot of time and energy for the host. It has been observed that a single open house event increases the possibility of selling your house threefold.

 For some, hosting an open house can look like an easy and glorious task to perform however it takes a lot more than it seems. Sharp selection skills, a well-planned strategy, and unique marketing skills will pave the way for the quick selling of your house. So what are we waiting for? Without wasting any of our time, let us move to the secrets of how to crack a deal within 2 days.

  • Take a keen look at the locality- You cannot ignore this factor if you are planning to host an open house successfully. Not every house is the best contender for hosting an open house. The locality plays a big role when it comes to buying and selling the house. We all want to live in a house which is not only comfortable but also has every amenity nearby. A beautiful house in a barren locality will not serve the purpose and cannot give the desired result. However, a house surrounded by reputed schools, malls, parks, greenery can be easily sold through an open house event.
  • How well maintained is your property? We all like things that are pleasant on the outside and solid on the inside. The same applies to houses. You cannot sell something which is already broken. A well-furnished and tidy house will not only sell quickly but will automatically get the price it deserves. Take a look at the nook and corner of the house and fix every loophole. Any oversize furniture or untidy window can lower your chances of selling a house
  • Identify your potential buyers- The needs of every buyer is different and identifying them correctly will help in designing the marketing strategies accordingly. Some want to purchase a vacation house while others want to settle down with their kids. A big beautiful space in a hill station is more eligible for vacation rather than a permanent residence. On the other hand, a house surrounded by good education centers, grocery stores will make up a better option for a family. To get desired profit, one needs to prepare its marketing content according to the targeted audience 
  • Marketing strategies- Marketing strategies are usually implemented before hosting an open house event. You cannot sit in a corner and expect people to approach automatically. A host has to indulge himself intensely in offline and online marketing. 

Offline marketing- An owner hosting his open house needs to have good connections with real estate experts. And if not, talk to your friends, family, relatives, and whoever you know and tell them about the upcoming event. Whereas an agent assigned can advertise it via pamphlets, posters, flyers and talk to his real estate connections.

Online marketing- Online marketing comprises advertising on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Send emails to the leads if you are working as an agent host. Post pictures of the property on social media and mention the timings of the open house event along with it. Last but not the least, websites like Zillow and Realtors steal the show when it comes to online marketing.

  • The judgment day

The event is a judgment day for the host. Yes, you heard it right. It is indeed. Be a perfect host for an open house event. We are mentioning some tips solely for the event day which are crucial for cracking the deal

  1. Reach the venue early- Who will accompany and give information to the guests if the host is not present itself. Giving the orders to the staff and arranging everything for a hospitable environment is the host’s responsibility and it can only be performed if he reaches early
  2. Dress accordingly- Wear a tie suit or a paint shirt for an open house event. The color of your outfit should be soothing and not dazzling bright.
  3. Show your gracious self Greet them with a smile while they enter. Be polite to the guests and ready to answer their questions.
  4. Provide information- Remember it is not just a friendly meeting but a business event. Quickly provide them with all the information about the property via a brochure or a simple document. The document should consist of all elaborate information like the address, price of the house, number of rooms, halls, area, and amenities nearby
  5. Arrange refreshment items- Arranging some refreshment items and soft drinks is a part of hosting etiquettes. 
  6. Do not take offense- Do not retaliate if you hear any criticism. Answer very politely and be open to suggestions

A short insight into virtual open house 

Virtual open house events gained eminence after covid 19. People opted for virtual meetings when they could not reach the ambiance due to covid restrictions. Meeting via zoom and video calls are the main options for conducting virtual open houses. If you are targeting buyers from outer states or foreign countries, then hosting a virtual open house event can be a suitable option for you. 

Some tips for hosting a virtual open house event

  • Advertise the open house meeting at least before 10 days
  • Maintain the property as you do it for in-person gatherings
  • Post short videos of the property regularly on social media accounts
  • Look out for a date when the maximum number of buyers can attend the meeting
  • Prepare answers for the possible questions
  • Keep an option of chatbox open to the buyers

Conclusion- All the tips mentioned above are tested in real-time and gave massive success to people who followed every step of it. Read, apply and get the price your house deserves.

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