Secrets to Selling Your Home Faster


In a hurry to sell your house? Many sellers have attracted buyers for their homes in less than 16 days; even though, in general, it takes more than two months to sell the properties. The period does not include the time taken to clean and revamp the property for its sale. However, if you don’t want to spend the traditional days waiting for the home to sell and want to sell your home faster, you have to be a bit clever with your selling plans. We have listed down some ways to make plans for the sale of your home more quickly. 

To begin with, you can either delegate the responsibility to a real estate agent or lookout for options through platforms like Terra Cottage, which has a speedy closing time. However, many secret tips and tricks influence the sale of your home. 

Reasons why people sell their homes faster

  1. People who have home-related issues tend to sell homes to move to larger homes or houses that fit their needs. It can also be due to a location change. 
  2. There are other financial reasons for moving to a more wonderful home – it can mean avoiding any repair work or cashing in on the sale of the house. 
  3. There can be other personal reasons to choose a new home like moving closer to family, changing the neighbourhood, or changing for a new job. 

Options to sell home faster 

1. Request an all-cash offer for your home 

If you plan to make the selling process fast, the marketing and negotiating part of the selling process is reduced or skipped. It directly involves requesting a cash offer. There are not any negotiations or open houses. The buyers you work with must be willing to pay, take a quick look at the house or view photos. 

Some buyers would still like to take a quick tour of the house and negotiate with you over the repairs. Others will purchase at the best price that you quote. You will have to account for their questions, but you can generally close these purchases in at least two weeks. 

2. Who buys houses in cash?

Some of these buyers who are ready to pay cash are usually the large house buying companies who further flip or rent the houses. Others are small businesses and startups. But in such cash offers, note that the buyer also provides the benefit of the quick purchase. 

Here’s how your house is a good listing for a cash buyer 

  1. Your house is old but located in a good district. 
  2. Your property can bring in decent rent 
  3. It is a cookie-cutter neighbourhood with good housing stock 

You can skip the paperwork and other housing tours and get straight to making an offer. Additionally, you can also compare the cash sales in nearby areas so that you can make informed decisions while choosing your priorities. 

3. Work with a competent agent to speed up the sale process

You may need to make a quick sake, but you also want the best value for your home. Most of the properties listed by the agents aim for more sale value. Even though there are benefits of making sales through cash, many sellers choose to work with real estate agents to maximise the home value. 

4. What do you need from the agent?

  1. Low Days on Market (DOM) is the time between the listed house and when it goes under the contract with the buyer. If the DOM is lower, the price is correctly quoted and attracts quick offers with a strong marketing plan. 
  2. Agents with local expertise will highlight the perks better and attract interested buyers for their authenticity. They will portray their familiarity with the area’s real estate, making the home selling process even quicker. To know about the agent’s local expertise, look at the deals he closed in and around the area. 

5. Improve and add curb appeal 

Even if you are cashing out or hiring an agent, the process can be improved by taking additional steps to improve the property. 

  • Declutter the property 

If you are selling a messy house, the chances are that you will not secure good pay for the same. Clean up the house to make your home look more new and spacious. Relocate the bulky furniture or replace it with minimalistic furniture to improve the house’s look. Make sure that while clicking pictures, the countertops are clear and is better placed. 

  • Hiring a cleaning service 

If you are in a hurry, hire a third party to deep clean your house. An investment of a few hundred dollars might be required to clean an approximate 3000 sq ft home. Ensure that the lawn is mowed, weeds are removed from the garden, the front entryway is cleaned, and plant beds are spread evenly. 

  • Handle quick repairs 

While you might not find a good time to make significant repairs, there are minor works that you can do to improve the value of your home. 

  • Fix the path sports of the paint is peeled 
  • Set the loose tiles 
  • Repair the door handles 
  • Set the leaky faucets 

6. Invest and add some minor upgrades 

  • Paint the walls from inside 
  • Install new hardware 
  • Swap old light fixtures 
  • Purchase new additional appliances

7. Choose a trusted listing platform to sell your house faster 

You can list your properties on trusted listing platforms like Terra Cottage. Buyers will only check your properties if they are interested in buying one in your area or looking at the property from the outside. Listing platforms connect buyers to the sellers in one space and make the selling process seamless for those who want to sell the homes faster. 

  • Writing a good description – Once you have chosen a listing price with the images in order, you need to create a description to help you sell your house faster. If you have hired an agent, they will probably write the report for you. Make sure that you make a good listing description. 
  • Highlight the best features for the listing description and use effective keywords. 
  • Include desirable locations around the property as your description – it can include the restaurants, popular attractions, or parks. 
  • You can also include the last date you wish to sell out the property. 

8. Decide where to post the listing

Terra Cottage is an online platform that allows you to add videos and virtual walkthroughs of the area with additional features that helps the buyers to have a good sense of the property. If you are hiring an agent, you can also ask them to add the properties in the local MLS. In addition to the online sites and the local MLS, you can also add in on social media and ask your friends and relatives to share it. 

9. Select the right time to sell 

The best time to sell a property is around May. However, it depends from area to area and the kind of property that you are targeting to sell. 

10. Flexible showing 

Your best bet to make a sale is to help buyers have a quick look at the house as soon as possible. The fastest they look at the property, it becomes a lot easier to make the buying decision and improves the chances. 

Selling homes has been recorded to be a whole overwhelming and stressful process. But by creating an intelligent plan and using the help of external sources, these secret tips suggested above can help you sell your home quicker than anticipated. 

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