Checklist to Follow Before Selling Your House? Things to Consider


Selling a house can be challenging; everything would feel like going through a mess and making ends meet through random strategy, which does not work most of the time. Without having a proper checklist before selling the house, you will be wasting a lot of time, effort, and money on things that have almost no impact on the business. 

The process can be chaotic, but with the right strategy and plan, with steps that are easy to follow, it can be a lot easier to follow up and create a plan for selling the house. But right before selling the home, it is essential to check on things that need to be considered and things that you should avoid for a seamless transaction. 

Checklist of professional services

While you try to sell the property with the contractors, the professionals must be hired for work before you sell the house. 

  1. Renovation crew: Before selling a property, make sure the house gets a cosmetic makeover. To ensure proper upgrades to the property, you might need to hire painters, landscapers, and cleaning services. 
  2. Inspection: Hiring a trustworthy home inspector helps identify any hidden issues or repairs that need to be done before selling the property. 
  3. Legal support: The sellers might also need to hire a legal attorney to make sure that the interests of both parties are legally validated. Having an attorney shall be helpful in drafting and legalizing the transaction, reviewing the documents included, and resolving any legal barriers that can cost contract disputes. 
  4. Declutter and clean: Before selling the house, hiring a cleaning team gives the buyers a good impression of the house and will help you make quick and easy sales. 
  • Repaint the house as per the liking of the buyer 
  • Get rid of any personalized furniture or addition. 
  • Fix any broken items and hire professionals if your home requires a lot of decluttering. 

Marketplace requirements 

Now that your house is looking clean and fresh, you are now ready to invite buyers to have a look at your home. Before getting your property listed, there are a few things that you might need to know – 

  1. Listing agreement: Having a valid and legal listing agreement with a real estate agent.
  2. Making a proper marketing analysis: An appropriate market research helps the sellers agree on a reasonable price for the property, based on the crucial factors of the market consideration. 
  3. Have other essential documents relating to the sale based on your listing. 
  4. Negotiate an offer and sign a purchase agreement. 

Valuation of the property 

Once all the market analysis is made, it is essential to estimate the property’s actual market value. Get help from the real estate agent or valuation companies that can help you provide accurate property assessments. 

It is recommended to get the value assessed from three or four sources to finalize the average. Use your knowledge of the property and local area to work out the most accurate price for the property. 

Some companies can suggest the price, but the ultimate cost of the property is for you to decide. Decide a price that honestly reflects the actual market value of the property.


The closing agent or the escrow officer would most likely make sure that all the aspects of the sale are documented and validated. However, as a seller, you must make sure all the papers are well written, and all the requirements for purchase are met. 

It is essential to have a closing statement, seller disclosures, purchase documents, inspection documents, proof of house maintenance, and other discussed documents ready. The buyer may also ask for the inspection certificate, so it is best to have it certified as per the agreement. 

Things to check right before selling the house 

When the sale is finalized with the buyer and you are ready to vacate to move – you need to ensure that everything is prepared and in terms with the negotiation. 

  1. Close all the valves and switches: Make sure that you switch off all the connections that connect the sink, toilets, refrigerators, washing machines, and other utilities. 
  2. Cancel your insurance: Once the sale agreement is made, call your insurance agent and receive the refunds of any premium availed. 
  3. Cancel any utilities related to your house: Make a call to cancel any utilities you need to turn off after making the sales. 

Finalizing the property for sale can be quite a tedious process, but dividing the sale process into stages with actionable steps will help you to make the most from the sale of the property.

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