Best Places In The USA To Buy a Vacation House 


The tourist sector of the USA was hit hard by covid 19 complications. However, It is rebounding to its original position.  The cost of property and the number of tourists are increasing and thus paving the way for better buying and selling of properties.  

A short reminder

It is not wise to buy a vacation house in the U.S without considering certain unavoidable factors. The population, the return on rental investment, the average price of a vacation house, and the annual gross rental revenue are some of the curious points one needs to search. 

To make your task easy, we are mentioning these factors for every location. You can check it out and make your decision wisely. 

We Are Listing Out the Best Places To Buy a Vacation House In The USA 

1. Mountain Regions

Ludlow Vermont –  Picturesque, Ludlow Vermost is a heaven for mountain lovers. The beauty of the Okemo mountains and the tradition of the Green Mountain sugar house add feathers to the cap of this place.  The region has a unique tradition of offering sugar to visitors. Additionally, skiing and snowboarding are the main attractions of this place. Not to forget, Buttermilk house is another mesmerizing spot consisting of three waterfalls and multiple swimming holes. 

  • Return on investment rate- 5.2%
  • Annual gross rental revenue- 42, 638 $
  • Population- 2,172
  • Median home sale price- $ 3,46,950

Deep Creek lake–  Being a combination of all four seasons, it is one of the most lucrative places to invest in. There are multiple activities to do in every season. From boating in summer to skiing in winters, this place is heaven for both summer and winter lovers. Wisp resort in the western Maryland mountains is a perfect place for snowboarders and skiers. Whereas, Swallow falls’ three waterfalls are another spot that is more than attractive for the chionophiles(snow lovers).

  • Return on investment rate- 5.7 %
  • Annual gross rental revenue- $51,031
  • Population-
  • Median home price- $4,39,367 

Poconos- Safer than the 29 percent of Pennsylvania and all-season friendly, Poconos can be a dream destination for many. Whether it is breathtaking sceneries or happening nightlife, the place never disappoints its tourists in any way.  Its 14 peaceful lakes including Lake Harmony, Mauch Chunk Lake, and lake Naomi are ideal for families and honeymooners.  Jack forest and Boulders for adventure seekers and exhibitions for art lovers, Poconos is a tourist spot for everyone. Just 96 km and 102 km from Newyork and Philadelphia respectively, the place is ideal for their dwellers. 

  • Return on investment rate- 8.2%
  • Median purchase price- $200,190
  • Gross rental revenue- $38,079

2. Desert Area

Palm Springs California- If there is a place where heaven lies in the desert, then it is Palm Springs. A great mix of sandy beaches and modern architecture, this is a unique yet interesting place for a holiday visit. For an adventurous child in you, You can watch a rare creature called “bighorn Sheep” running wildly on the sandy area. The place is also famous for unusual sports activities like sand hiking. The warm and hospitable nature of the locals keeps the tourists in awe. Buying a vacation home in Palm Springs can be a fresh experience for you. The place is unique and striking in itself.

  • Capital rate- 5.9 percent
  • Annual gross rental revenue- $52,784 
  • Population- 47,897 
  • Median purchase price- $539, 370
  • Seaside and Beaches

Seaside Oregon-  Seaside is a small town located in the northwestern region of Oregon. Famous for grey whales and eagles, this place is one of the best options for wildlife enthusiasts. Other than wildlife lovers, the place is also a big source of attraction for surfers and cruisers. From watching adorable seals at the seaside Aquarium to basking at the seashore, it is suitable for people of every temperament. Buying a property anywhere near the oceanfront can be one of your best deeds.

  • Capital rate- 5.2%
  • Annual gross rental revenue-  $ 45,249 
  • Population- 6,737
  • Median purchase price- $466,086

Dauphin Island Alabama –  Dauphin Alabama is a happy place for kids and a comfortable holiday destination for families. Parents often bring their children for short trips to the Estuarium which is located at the Island sea lab. Waves gently drench the sand and beautiful migratory birds at Audubon bird sanctuary will calm and excite you at the same time. For history lovers, Fort Gaines is an ideal spot to fulfill their exploratory needs. Dauphin Island is a quiet place with a low population rate which makes it suitable for the peace seekers 

  • Capital rate- 7.8%
  • Annual gross rental revenue-  $43,316
  • Population- 1,778
  • Median purchase price- $2,89,623

St. Augustine’s Florida- St. Augustines took a giant leap in 2021 and enlisted itself at the top places for buying a vacation home in the U.S. The calm and breezy ambiance of 6 beaches never fails to attract its customers and hence is an appropriate place for investment. These 6 beaches include Crescent Beach, North beach, Butler, Vilano, St Augustine, and Ponte Vedra The destination brings a calm and historical vibe with itself.  Visit Castillo de San Marcos fort for an insight into St. Augustine’s masterpiece. Built between 1672 and 1675,  It is one of the oldest monuments in history. 

  • Capital rate-  7.4%
  • Annual gross rental revenue- $46, 557
  • Population- 14,515
  • Median purchase price- $39,8561 

3. Small Town Holiday Destinations

We are committing foolishness on our part if we are considering the small town any way less lucrative than big cities. In recent years, the remuneration from small-town destinations is touching heights. We are providing you with some small-town holiday destinations where one can buy a vacation home.

Coeur, d’ Alene, Idaho- The town is escalating to the top of the best vacation house in the USA. The popular sports culture of Coeur, d, Alene, Idaho is the biggest reason behind its popularity. Best golf courses and water hiking are challenging yet exciting sports the town offers.

  • Capital rate- 8.75% 
  • Population- 56,026
  • Median purchase price- $575,000  

Harbor Springs and Bay Harbor, Michigan- Looking for a seaside vacation house? 

The market value of a vacation house in Harbor Springs and Bay Harbor is soaring. Clean water bodies and comfortable resorts never fail to attract customers However, the change in the market value took place drastically during the year 2022. Thorne Swift nature preserves for wildlife, Nubs Nob for skiing and the pointer boat for boat tours are the spots that appeal to the tourist most.

  • Capital rate- 5.3%
  • Annual gross rental revenue- $34,002
  • Population- 1,205
  • Median purchase price- $326,957

Grand Lake Colorado- Situated near the Rocky mountain national park, the Grand lake has gained enough attention from tourists. The place is an undisputed champion when it comes to buying a vacation house. 

You have an opportunity to buy a beautiful vacation house just near the national park or the Grand market and earn in abundance.

  • Capital rate- 6.06%
  • Annual gross rental revenue- $756,000 
  • Population- 282
  • Median purchase price- $377,800

Every place mentioned above is the epitome of beauty, class, and profit. Combine your choice with common sense and buy a vacation house in any of these undeniably beautiful places.

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